3 Benefits of Living Near The Grand Parkway

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 Getting where you need to go as quickly as possible is a desire that unites us all. A huge consideration when choosing where to live is your proximity to work, schools, stores, banks, and more.

The Grand Parkway is a highway stretching more than 180 miles around the Houston metro area. It was built in a series of segments and designed to help traffic flow more smoothly around and through the city.

Living near the Grand Parkway is a big advantage.

Country Living, City Access

This scenic highway gives you easy access to the city, so you can maintain a cozy country lifestyle without sacrificing convenience. The town centers of Sugarland, The Woodlands, Vintage Park and more are all within a short, hassle-free drive.

Faster Routes to Work

Avoid stop-and-go traffic through the city. Instead, hop on the Grand Parkway and cruise straight to the exit nearest your job, cutting valuable minutes off your commute time. That means more free time for you and your family.

A Booming Economy

The Grand Parkway has opened up a lot of opportunity for businesses along the route. The natural growth of the city has required new enterprises to locate farther away from the center, but it's an appealing choice with the easy access the highway provides. People from all over the city can more quickly reach the companies along the route, and you have even more options for goods and services near your home.

Rosehill Reserve is just five minutes from the Grand Parkway, allowing you to enjoy the country lifestyle and direct access to the city. Contact us today to learn more about what it would be like to join our community.

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