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Looking for a new home that is close to work but outside the city? A community that has open spaces marked by subtle bits of luxury? Are you a professional wanting to slow down and catch your breath? Rosehill Reserve is the answer to finding that balance between work and life. Here’s why:

Rosehill Reserve blends the best of all worlds. It’s nestled in the peaceful farmland of Tomball, Texas, which will help you relax and leave work behind. It’s also near the Energy Corridor and Tomball’s business center, which gives you proximity to jobs and means less time commuting.

And that means more time to spend with family and friends – Taking walks. Eating at local restaurants. Or strolling through Old Town Tomball. Rosehill Reserve begs you to spend time relaxing and gives you that balance between work and life.

To help you find more of a balance between work and life, Rosehill Reserve offers luxurious amenities that promote relaxed living. You can enjoy time with family and friends close to home, feeling like you have taken a vacation every day.

As for luxury, it’s there – it’s just not in your face. Rosehill Reserve is where you step up, while getting back to nature’s pace. Ready to take the next step to finding that balance between work and life?

Custom homes available May 2016.

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