Best Place for Quality of Life in North Houston?

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Neighborhoods in North Houston have built a reputation for a higher than average quality of life, where access to great schools, healthcare, and job opportunity is received by many. And thanks to widespread economic development along with the opening of the Grand Parkway, towns such as Tomball, Spring, Conroe and The Woodlands have experienced a boost in lifestyle amenities.

However, there is one thing that few places in North Houston can claim to be a part of everyday life. New homebuyers desire it. Tomball residents cherish it. What is this highly sought-after quality? A "small-town feel."

Tomball's small-town atmosphere may make it one of the best places for quality of life in North Houston. It is a unique city with a culture deeply rooted in the traditional values of hard-working, patriotic, friendly, caring people.  It is located 28 miles from the heart of downtown Houston, but it has been able to maintain a small town community atmosphere with all the conveniences of the big city.

Residents Tomball are extremely proud of their community and preserving the small-town-feel. When Tomball, a northwest Harris County town of 11,000, sought input from residents for a comprehensive plan in 2009, a "small town feel" was the quality most residents said they wanted to preserve. 

You can see the fruits of these efforts in Old Town Tomball, which features an assortment of vintage attractions. From history and nature, to fun-filled festivals, live music, sports, unique shopping and award winning mom-and-pop restaurants, Tomball is at the center of it all.

"Growth is occurring in all sectors of our community, and it's tremendous, it's something the city has worked really hard to make sure we have that continuance of a (good) quality of life," says Kelly Violette, executive director for the Tomball Economic Development Corp. [Houston Chronicle]

Along with this growth, Tomball’s locally-owned businesses are thriving. In recent years, the surge in the local economy has fostered a desire for more and more small businesses to stake their claim to entrepreneurship in downtown Tomball. Want to eat local? Choose from countless family-owned restaurants in the area.

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