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When you purchase a new home, there are so many things to consider. If you have children, you want to find a home near good schools. Of course you have a certain wish list; an open concept, a big kitchen, granite countertops, etc. But one thing you may not have considered is property tax rates.

When you look at a home in Rosehill Reserve, one of many benefits is the low Tomball property tax rate.

Home and business owners pay property taxes on the property and land they own. The money from the tax goes to the municipalities to pay for local needs like building schools, maintaining roads, removing snow, and other community needs.

When it comes to Texas real estate, some counties have a higher price tag on property tax. It is just another reason why living in Tomball is less expensive than other cities. According to,

"Ultimately, property owners are subject to the rates determined by the municipal government. A municipality generally hires a tax assessor (or uses their own), who assesses local property and assigns property taxes to owners based on current fair market values."

In Tomball—per the $100—residents pay $0.34 to the City of Tomball, $0.42 to Harris County, $0.11 to Lone Star College, and $1.34 to the Tomball Independent School District. This amounts to $2.21 per $100 in property taxes. This is a relatively low rate compared to other cities and counties in Texas.

If low property taxes are an incentive for you to buy a home in Tomball, contact us today at Rosehill Reserve.


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