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 You may have wondered what's been going on in Tomball, TX lately. Just off the top of our head, we can name 3 reasons for the recent economic growth in Tomball.

But what set this incredible growth spurt in motion seems linked to one thing only, something locals now refer to as the "Exxon Mobile Effect".

The Exxon Mobile (butterfly) Effect: In 2012 Exxon Mobile announced it would move its headquarters from Fairfax, Virginia to an area near the remote suburb of Tomball, Texas. This announcement triggered a mass exodus in energy corporations from their current locations to hubs in this same small region. Noble Energy, Southwestern Energy, Coastal Power Systems, and even General Electric, who recently announced moving part of its operation there by 2018, have followed in Exxon's footsteps.

Highway access and expansions: This energy-industry growth triggered the need for better highway access and expansion. Completing projects like the Grand Parkway, the Tomball Tollway, and the new Medical Complex Drive, allowed easier access to economic resources in local and neighboring communities.

Housing and new business growth: Necessary new housing projects and the Grand Parkway Town Center approval addressed growing population needs, providing residential, retail, restaurant, small business, and infrastructure growth for Tomball communities.

Population and economic increases: Due to these structural and economic expansions, within a few short years the population in one 10-mile area of Tomball spiked 98% and an estimated $80 Million increase in sales tax will go into Tomball's coffers between 2017 and 2022, according to the Houston Chronicle.

With all the new jobs created by local and federally funded infrastructure projects and recent business expansions in the private sector, the end to Tomball's growth spurt doesn't seem anywhere in sight. Centralizing energy corporations and their related industries in this small area of Texas set the first dominos in motion that created all this growth known now as the Exxon Mobile Effect.

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