Foodie Movement Arrives in Tomball

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Previously referred to as a hidden gem of Houston, Tomball is gaining a reputation as an eclectic, trendy area. 


Community Impact News reported:

Tomball and Magnolia have seen several new dining concepts arrive in the area in the past year, resulting in expanded menus and new cuisines to enjoy.

“Tomball is becoming a foodie town,” Tejas Chocolate Craftory co-owner Scott Moore said.

More than ever, consumers want higher quality ingredients, locally sourced products and distinctive dishes, he said.

“The Tomball Farmers Market, historically, is probably one of the stronger farmers markets in Harris County,” Moore said. “So I think that [the] farmers market is an incubator. You’re not going to make a ton of money, but it gives you some exposure.”

Moore said the market allowed Tejas Chocolate to test how customers in Tomball would react to higher-end products before establishing a permanent eatery.

“I was worried how an expensive chocolate bar was going to go over in Tomball,” Moore said. “But we’ve had a great response to the brand and our product.”

With the combination of eclectic style, locally sourced ingredients and distinctive dishes, Moore said the Old Town Tomball area is quickly becoming a more trendy area, akin to the Heights area in Downtown Houston.

“A lot of people will come up from Houston and shop,” he said. “They like the local feel. I think it’s the collection of independent businesses that’s the most important part of the equation; there aren’t these giant corporate chains and franchises.”

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