Preliminary Steps to Buying a Custom-Built Home

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Rosehill Reserve’s select group of experienced homebuilders are committed to architecture that reflects the individual style of each family who seek to call Rosehill Reserve home. Here are some tips, from the experts, who have offered up a few steps to buying a new custom built home:

Get Educated – Surf the web, consult professionals, talk with trusted friends and family.There is no end to valuable resources that can provide helpful information on the process of constructing a new home. Also, research communities and neighborhoods for what they have to offer. Get educated and create a strategy.

Allocate Resources – Shop around for a mortgage lender. Fractions of a percent can translate to saving thousands of dollars over time. Create a top five list and compare their different rates and options.

Research Builders – There are many things to consider when selecting a builder: experience, style and expertise, etc. Study past client testimonials as well as industry reviews of builders. Talk to the builders first hand. Building a home is a long-term project. There will be much interaction between the client and the builder. Make sure the builder is also someone you can work well with.

Negotiate – Negotiation does not always involve discussing a bottom line price. Rather, discuss construction upgrades.

Confirm Guarantees & Inclusions – When buying a custom built home, you are agreeing to something that does not yet exist. Create a checklist of all criteria expected to be included in the construction. Go over it again and again. Discuss it with others you trust as well as your builder. And don’t overlook the importance of a New Construction Home Warranty. Integrate it into the deal.

Contract – Although a builder may have a stellar reputation and a client may have a great memory, there is no doubt that getting everything in writing prevents unfortunate misunderstandings. When final negotiations are over, get everything in writing and sign the contract.


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