Time to Buy: Tomball Area is Booming

If you are in the market to buy a new home in Northwest Houston, Tomball is an area where home sales have been on the rise. According to Zillow, home values have gone up 2.6% over the past year and are expected rise 2.2% within the next year. The once small town of Tomball is enjoying an economic thanks to the opening of the Grand Parkway, new shopping centers and new business opportunities. 

Tomball by the numbers:

  • 76,833 Retail Trade Area
  • 34.5 Median Age
  • $218,214 Median Home Value 
  • $108,265 Average Household Income 

Straight from the Tomball Economic Council: 

Tomball is where the best of business, lifestyle, education and transportation converge. Those who experience the Tomball community instantly recognize its uniqueness. A strong history blends with innovation; a sense of community combines with a thriving business environment; and local partnerships have global impacts.

From corner stores to Fortune 500 companies, Tomball is focused on business! A skilled workforce, low property taxes, and a well-connected transportation system provide an ideal backdrop for your business to prosper. The Tomball Economic Development Corporation promotes job creation by encouraging attraction, expansion and retention of businesses through: assisting with site selection; identifying incentives; connecting to workforce resources; and providing business and industry data.


Located in Tomball off 2920 between Mueschke Road and Rosehill Road, Rosehill Reserve positions you near nonstop highways that lead to business opportunity and the top business hubs are just 25 miles away.


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